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[S2E1] Precision

Mary is feeling confident about the plague, however, even with the introduction of Dr. Samuel Wainwright, who was somehow able pinpoint the beginning of the witch pox with, essentially, GPS precision using a rudimentary drawing of evergreens on a napkin and markings on the doors of the afflicted. I'd consider him a bigger threat if I were a witch, even being immune to the pox. He has powers of his own, it seems.

[S2E1] Precision

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Introduction to Justin Watts, Tate Streater, Austin Orgain and Clay Blackketter (JTAC) and how we all got started in precision rifle with the hopes of bringing new shooters into the sport. From our first range outings to our national championships.

Starrett: For more than 140 years, the LS Starrett company has been a leading manufacturer of precision measuring tools, gauges and metrology equipment. Recognized throughout the world for its exceptional quality, accuracy, craftsmanship and innovation, Starrett has earned a reputation as the world's greatest toolmakers Starrett today proudly carries on its skilled tradition as the only company making a full line of precision measuring tools in the United States of America. Starrett measuring America since 1880. Learn more at

The L.S. Starrett Co. has been manufacturing precision measurement tools in Athol, Massachusetts, since 1880. Attention to U.S. manufacturing often focuses on reshoring manufacturing from other countries, but Starrett never left. The facility in Athol employs hundreds and produces thousands of tools that remain vital for measurement in machining and other fields.

This essay examines the challenges that surrogate licensing poses for the future of precision medicine. It begins by providing a brief summary of precision medicine and its recent developments. Next, it provides an overview of university patenting and the shift toward surrogate licensing. It then explores some of the difficulties concerning surrogate licensing in the context of precision medicine and, later, suggests modified licensing approaches and best practices that may better promote scientific discovery, the development of human therapies, and overall social welfare. Lastly, the essay discusses some larger doctrinal and theoretical implications arising from surrogate licensing in informationally intensive fields, like precision medicine.

And finally, we have Rob Brydon who takes on the role of Roy Gilbert from the Air Incident Investigation Agency. Roy comes from the same tree as DS Dodds and investigates the balloon crash with precision but his methodical methods frustrate DCI McDonald.

The only things the Razer Viper V2 Pro cares about are speed and precision, and it cares a lot. For FPS players, that means this ultra lightweight pointer is going to change the game. For everyone else, there might be better options further down the price bracket.

Razer has focused far more on the internal guts of its latest pointer. Aside from the aforementioned 30K sensor, you'll also find Smart Tracking, Motion Sync, and Asymmetric Cut-Off whirring away with every flick and swipe. Taken together, that means greater precision during lift-off, fast response times from your PC, and customizable landing tracking distance after lift-off. These features were largely present in the Ultimate, but have been refined over the years for greater performance.

After getting used to the twitch-nature of this design, Apex Legends was a blast. I was ducking and diving, swiping and swooping, all without a single drag and with easy precision (on the mouse's part anyway, mine could still use a lot of work). The two side buttons are easy to hit and reach quickly while in a jam too, while the main buttons offered just the right level of resistance (my Ultimate now feels creaky by comparison). This was the closest I've felt to not noticing the mouse at the end of my arm, and it was a revelation. 041b061a72


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