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Why you need to detox!

When you truly understand how our amazing body works, you will only have respect for yourself.

However, although it works amazing it need help sometimes. Like you do every year a spring cleanse of your house, bring your car for a check up and your pet to the vet to see if he or she is still healthy, you should do that with yourself as well. A big cleanse of your body. In this world unfortanetly we do get a lot of toxins inside our body. By breathing it in, putting it on our body or taking it in by eating and/or drinking. We have an amazing cleansing program in our body that works 24 hours a day constant. But also the cleansing program needs to be cleaned once and a while. When do you know you need this BIG CLEANSE? When you experience health issues you defenitely need a cleanse. Migraines, skin problems (eczema, acne), fatigue, bowel problems and so on. Ofcourse prevention is even better. As a general rule it is said to do 2 x a year a big cleanse (Spring and Autumn).

What to know more about this, how and why you need to detox? Join my online webinar this Friday at 8 of January. Sign in by PM or send an email to

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