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I want to sleep.......But I can't

Sleep is a very natural proces, and our body needs sleep. During our sleep we clean and heal our body. However, you will be amazed how many things your body has to do for you to be able to sleep. And when a few of these things do not go well, this can affect your sleep. First things first. The most important thing is, for to have a good sleep where you rest (deep sleep), is for you to feel safe. When you do not feel safe, you will not reach the deep sleep. You know when this happened, is when you have slept, but it does not feel you have slept.

This can be caused by emotional and/or physical stress.

Lack of nutrition can cause also sleep problems (Magnesium, Thryptophan, Melatonine, and many more). Change of diet can improve or worsen our sleeping patern.

Structure of your body is also important. Think of are you able to breath properly during your sleep, do you have neck or head problems. Many more examples are possible.

When a problem occurs like this with you, I suggest you cover this three components.

Join my free webinar where I cover these components more deeply.

This Thursday 14 Jan at 19.00 (London time)/ 20.00 (Dutch time) in English

This Friday 15 Jan at 19.00 (London time(/ 20.00 (Dutch time) in Dutch

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