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My Little Baby-Maria

Mary or Maria (Polly) Jefferson Eppes (1778-1804) was the fourth child of Thomas Jefferson and Martha Wayles Skelton Jefferson and the younger of their only two children to survive to adulthood. Following her mother's death in 1782, Polly was sent to stay with her aunt, Elizabeth Wayles Eppes. She became very attached to the family at Eppington, but Jefferson arranged for the eight-year-old to join him and Martha in Paris. Upon her arrival in England, before moving on to France, Polly lived briefly with Abigail and John Adams, who were so charmed by the little girl that Mrs. Adams wrote to Jefferson that she was "the favorite of every creature in the House."[1]

My little Baby-Maria

1787 July 6. (Abigail Adams). "She is a child of the quickest sensibility, and the maturest understanding, that I have ever met with for her years. She had been 5 weeks at sea, and with men only, so that on the first day of her arrival, she was as rough as a little sailor, and then she been decoyed from the ship, which made her very angry, and no one having any Authority over her; I was apprehensive I should meet with some trouble. But where there are such materials to work upon as I have found in her, there is no danger. She listend to my admonitions, and attended to my advice and in two days, was restored to the amiable lovely Child which her Aunt had formed her. In short she is the favorite of every creature in the House, and I cannot but feel Sir, how many pleasures you must lose by committing her to a convent. ... Books are her delight, and I have furnished her out a little library, and she reads to me by the hour with great distinctness, and comments on what she reads with much propriety."[9]

The idea is that we prepare our hearts to receive Jesus in the manger by loving others. With the Elf on the Shelf, it is said that he tells Santa if little boys and girls are good or bad. We really encourage you to stay away from this concept of Mary telling Jesus if children are good or bad and rather teach them that Mary is a friend, a companion, a confidant who helps them be more compassionate.

There are so many cute ways you can immerse your children in the Advent and Christmas story. As it gets closer to Christmas, Mary can receive a piece of mail that tells them they need to travel for the census. She can then begin the journey to Bethlehem. The day before there might even be a sign that says No Room in the Inn! You can also make Mary's belly "grow." Add paper towels, fabric, or a little pillow underneath her dress!

Maria and Edmund's child tragedies were not over. Shortly after her one-night fling with brother-in-law Dimitri, Maria found out that she was pregnant. In true soap opera fashion Skye Chandler seduced a lab technician and doctored Maria's results to make it look like Dimitri was the father (Edmund was). Skye hoped that Edmund would then fall for her. That never happened. When Erica learned about the baby's paternity, she confronted Maria in a cabin at Willow Lake during a horrible ice storm. Maria became overstressed and went into premature labor. Erica drove them to the hospital. But while en route, Erica's car skidded off the road, and everyone thought that the baby was lost in Willow Lake. Erica tried to track down the baby, and she found that a woman who lived near the lake had plucked the little girl from its icy waters. Erica convinced the woman that the baby was really hers and prepared to return the baby to Maria. Then she overheard Maria and Dimitri discuss the benefits of having lost the baby. Erica took matters into her own hands. Erica decided to keep the baby herself. For months Erica claimed that she had adopted the baby from Russia. Then Erica claimed the woman from the lake was the baby's mother and let Erica adopt her. The guilt built, and Erica decided to take the baby back to Edmund and Maria. The infant was reunited with Maria. The Greys charge Erica with kidnapping and two other felonies.

In 2002, a woman by the name of Maureen Gorman came up as a match when little Lorenzo Santos, Mateo and Hayley's son, needed a liver transplant. Brooke and Tad traveled to Nevada to meet with the woman, whom Brooke believed was Maria, though Tad did not. Brooke came face to face with "Maureen," who turned out to be a dead-ringer for Maria. Later, though, when Tad met Maureen, she looked nothing like Maria (feeling uncomfortable, Maureen had asked a coworker to pose as "Maureen" for Tad). "Maureen" was afraid of Brooke and wondered why Brooke wanted to talk to her, so she called her friend, Dr. David Hayward, to ask for help. David knew "Maureen's" true identity, but urged her to stay away from Brooke and Pine Valley. "Maureen" traveled to Pine Valley anyway. There, she skulked around Wildwind, trying to find out who she was. She was mugged in the park and befriended by Aidan Devane, who saved her. Aidan helped keep her hidden, even after "Maureen" took Maddie away with her on Brooke and Edmund's wedding day. Brooke told Edmund the truth after their wedding ceremony, that she believed Maria was still alive. Edmund took off to find Maria. When the two came face to face, Maria told Edmund that she had no memory of him, their marriage -- or of anything else.

When Flanders murdered Chris Stamp in a local park and realized that little Maddie had witnessed the entire thing, she became the murderer's next target. Maria, Aidan, and Edmund joined forces to put the little girl into hiding to protect her. During these tense days, while in hiding with her daughter and Aidan, flickers of memories began to drift through Maria's mind, memories of Sam and Maddie and being their mother. When Maddie was tossed overboard, Maria/Maureen jumped in to save her. As she did, all of her memories returned. Maria was back. Maureen became a former, relatively small chapter in her life, and although she was grateful to Aidan and wanted to remain his friend, her heart belonged to Edmund. Maria told him she accepted his at times poor treatment of her over the past year and apologized for her own mistakes, then they made love for the first time in over half a decade. Maria moved back into Wildwind and fully reunited with her children and her mother.

During a meeting of the Babysitters Club, Mary Anne and Kristy are both available for a job baby-sitting Karen and Andrew. Mary Anne lets Kristy have the job. Mrs. Newton calls needing a sitter for Jamie and Lucy. Kristy takes the job without bothering to check who is available. Claudia then calls her a job hog. Stacey then points out to Claudia that she does it lots of times, and before you know it, all three are at each others' throats. Stacey reminds everyone that she's from New York and doesn't need shy little babies (Mary Anne), stuck-up job hogs (Claudia), and bossy know-it-alls (Kristy) as friends. This causes Mary Anne to cry. Kristy then tells her to shut up and calls her a crybaby. Mary Anne then snaps and calls everyone mean names and runs home and cries. She then angrily prepares dinner for herself and her father. Her father then comes home and they ask God to watch over Alma (Mary Anne's deceased mother). Then she escapes to her room and decides not to tell her father about the fight. She thinks about calling Claudia, since Claudia didn't say anything mean directly to her. She is, however, not allowed on the phone after dinner. When she is ready for bed, she tries to apologize to Kristy using the flashlight code that they use. Kristy simply pulls her shade down. Then Mary Anne realized how angry Kristy was.

Her pregnancy was perfect, everything seemed perfect. Emma had a little nausea and fatigue in the first trimester but, when the second trimester hit, she got a second wind. The Kellys had gotten past the scary part of their pregnancy, that first trimester. Now, they could tell people.

Ryan had been out sick the week before and it was his first day back to Colts practice. Emma was out running errands. When she got home and went to the bathroom, she noticed a little bleeding, nothing she said should have been alarming.

On Nov. 3, "Duck Dynasty" star Sadie Robertson took to Instagram to announce that she and husband Christian Huff are expecting their second child. "Another little miracle is in motion," she wrote alongside a photo of the couple and their 1-year-old daughter, Honey, on Instagram.

The Duggar family just keeps growing! On Aug. 30, former "Counting On" star Jeremiah Duggar and wife Hannah Duggar (née Wissman) took to social media to announce that she's pregnant with their first child five months after they tied the knot. "I'm so grateful for the many blessings in life right now. The top being my incredible wife who brings so much joy to each day, and our precious little baby on the way!" Jeremiah captioned photos of them on Instagram debuting her growing bump and wearing "Mom" and "Dad" hats. Hannah shared on her own account, "From spontaneous adventures and work projects over the last couple of years, to the sweetest dates and then creating a home together, you are my absolute favorite part of every single day. God has blessed me beyond what I ever dreamed possible and I can't wait to see you as a dad!!" 350c69d7ab


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