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Warrior Nun Season 2 Complete Pack [NEW]

Following the cancellation of the program after its second season, fans of the series began a vigorous campaign to save the series, either by getting Netflix to reverse their decision and renew the program for a third season, or to get another streaming service or network to pick up the program. Fans began flooding Netflix's social media feeds with the hashtags #savewarriornun and later #NETFLIX CORRECT YOUR MISTAKE. [9] On January 21, 2023, it was reported that fans had succeeding in securing a billboard directly across from Netflix's corporate office in Los Angeles. The billboard depicts Ava Silva with the Halo on her back bearing a "3" for the desired third season of the show. It reads "#SAVE WARRIOR NUN" and states that it was paid for Sarah B. and Warrior Nun fans across the globe.[10]

Warrior Nun Season 2 Complete Pack

With Netflix and Reality Distortion Field showrunner Simon Barry keen to up the ante for the new season, The Embassy was enlisted to complete over 800 complex shots - up from just under 700 shots during the first season. In addition to this, writer David Hayter, known for his work on the X-Men movies, was also brought on to leverage his action writing skills, and the number of episodes was cut down to eight from 10 to ensure the season moves at a blistering pace.

As the stakes get higher for season two, so too does the action. Viewers are treated to a host of adrenaline-fuelled scenes including the use of digital doubles of the main cast and even more impressive creature work with the Tarasks and Wraiths of season one. A visual feast, the series is packed to the brim with flying limbs, epic fights, magic, explosions, and grand set extensions.

Throughout the two seasons she develops a special bond with fellow warrior nun, Beatrice (Kristina Tonteri-Young) and the two start to fall in love, capturing the hearts of LGBTQ+ viewers along the way.

Of this we can be certain: Season 3 would see Beatrice interrupted on her journey of self-discovery by good 'ol mandatory unretirement. How else to bring her back into the fold? Whether it's a fresh uptick in "demons," a sign that Ava might be trying to communicate from the other realm, a run-in with a Tarask, or news that her sisters and/or humanity are in peril, let's assume that she packs up and reluctantly heads back to The Cradle. "Warrior Nun" typically gives us a voiceover recap of off-screen events at the start of a new season, but instead of Ava's voice, we'd likely be granted entry to the third installment through either (or both) Beatrice's and Lilith's (Lorena Andrea) perspective. 041b061a72


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