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1 On The Hour - Series 1m4b [REPACK]

Add a Telescope: The 4-character code should be something descriptive about the telescope, such as its aperture (i.e. 1m4a/1m4b for two 1.4m telescopes). There are several important properties here that are used automatically by the rest of the OCS. The aperture field must be the telescopes diameter in meters - this value will be converted into a string telescope_class within the location block of a Request. Telescopes with the same aperture can be scheduled together if they have the same instrument class on them as well. The latitude and longitude, horizon limit, positive and negative hour angle limits, and radial zenith blind spot fields are all used to compute visibility for targets on the telescope, so they should all be filled in for your telescope if applicable. The minimum slew overhead and slew rate are currently not used to calculate request durations, but in the future we want to move towards supporting this as an option so that changes in targets within an observing request can have their overheads accurately modeled for a telescope. The instrument change overhead is used for computing observation request durations if the instrument is changed between observations in the request.

1 On the Hour - Series 1m4b



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