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App Logo Trends: How to Stay Ahead of the Curve in 2023

How to Design an App Logo That Stands Out in 2023

App logos are more than just icons that you tap on your phone. They are the visual representation of your brand, your app's purpose, and your value proposition. They can also help you attract more users, increase engagement, and boost downloads.

But how do you design an app logo that stands out in a crowded market? How do you make sure your app logo is clear, consistent, and scalable across different platforms? And how do you keep up with the latest trends and best practices in app logo design?

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In this article, we will answer these questions and more. We will share some tips and examples on how to design an app logo that reflects your brand identity, communicates your app's function, and resonates with your target audience. We will also explore some of the most innovative and exciting app logo design trends for 2023. Let's get started!

App logo size and formats

One of the first things you need to consider when designing an app logo is the size and format. Your app logo will live in the app store and on a mobile device, so you need to make sure it looks good at different resolutions and dimensions.

Here are some general guidelines for app logo size and formats:

  • App Store: 1024x1024 pt

  • Android: 96x96 pt

  • Formats: PNG with no transparency

You can use tools like to hire a professional designer who can create a custom app logo for you.

App logo design tips

Now that you have the basics covered, let's move on to some design tips that can help you create an effective and attractive app logo. Here are some key elements to consider:

Use a unique symbol

Your symbol is the main focus of your app logo. It should be unique and communicate your brand and your app's function. It should also be simple and recognizable, so that users can easily identify your app among other apps.

Some tips for choosing a symbol are:

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  • Use a shape that relates to your app's name or category. For example, if your app is a music app, you can use a note, a guitar, or a microphone as your symbol.

  • Use a shape that conveys a benefit or an emotion. For example, if your app is a fitness app, you can use a heart, a star, or a smiley as your symbol.

  • Use a shape that is original and distinctive. Avoid using generic or cliché symbols that are already used by many other apps. For example, if your app is a travel app, you can use a suitcase, a passport, or a map as your symbol.

Some examples of app logos with effective symbols are:

Spotify: A green circle with three curved lines that represent sound waves and music.

Instagram: A camera lens with a rainbow gradient that represents photography and creativity.

TikTok: A black and white letter T with red and blue dots that represent videos and fun.

Choose unique colors

Your color scheme is another important element of your app logo. It should be unique and convey your brand's personality and message. It should also be appealing and suitable for your target audience.

Some tips for choosing colors are:

  • Use color psychology to choose colors that match your brand's tone and mood. For example, if your app is a productivity app, you can use blue, green, or purple to convey trust, calmness, or creativity.

  • Use industry standards to choose colors that fit your app's category and niche. For example, if your app is a social media app, you can use red, orange, or yellow to convey excitement, warmth, or friendliness.

  • Use contrast and harmony to create a balanced and attractive color scheme. For example, if your app is a gaming app, you can use complementary colors like red and green, or analogous colors like blue and purple.

Some examples of app logos with eye-catching color schemes are:

Slack: A hashtag with four bright colors that represent collaboration and diversity.

Snapchat: A yellow ghost with a white outline that represents fun and spontaneity.

Duolingo: A green owl with an orange beak that represents learning and motivation.

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