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Seek Girl - Charming Girl FULL

when you first meet this girl, you should show interest in her. this is so you can get to know her a little better. you should start with small questions and see how she answers them. you can ask her how she likes her job, how she likes her family and any other question that interests you.

Seek Girl - Charming girl FULL

don't be too shy! when you are talking to a girl, and she starts to seem to smile, or say something cute, it is a good idea to keep eye contact. girls are very visually driven so if you look at them, they will notice. many guys think this is creepy, but i think it's cute! just smile back and laugh. as a guy, you can actually become good at reading girls, and this will lead to your success. focus on the good qualities in them! it's hard, but it's worth it.

a very important thing to know about dating is respect. if you act in a disrespectful way, she will not give you her trust. in the same way that you can be respectful, you can also be aggressive. make sure you are doing this in a way that is not rude, but in a way that will make her want to go for a date with you. you want to show her that you are a man and not a child. you want to be a manly man! girls like this.

so on the hunt for a date, one of the most important questions to ask is, do you have any experience with dating? what do you think? do you have any advice for me? if you find yourself in a situation where a girl is very forward about asking you out, it's good to be honest and tell her that you are not interested. you don't have to say you don't like her or anything like that. you just need to be honest about it. the worst thing you can do is to be dishonest, and try to play it off. girls know what kind of guys they are interested in, and if they say they are not interested in you, they might not be lying. they might just be very honest.


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