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buy exercise trampoline

Fricke A, Fink PW, Mundel T, Lark SD, Shultz SP. Mini-trampoline jumping as an exercise intervention in postmenopausal women to improve women specific health risk factors. Int J Prev Med. 2021;12:10. doi:10.4103/ijpvm.IJPVM_132_19

Posch M, Schranz A, Lener M, et al. Effectiveness of a mini-trampoline training program on balance and functional mobility, gait performance, strength, fear of falling and bone mineral density in older women with osteopenia. Clin Interv Aging. 2019;14:2281-2293. doi:10.2147/CIA.S230008

Cugusi L, Manca A, Serpe R, et al. Effects of a mini-trampoline rebounding exercise program on functional parameters, body composition and quality of life in overweight women. J Sports Med Phys Fitness. 2018;58(3):287-294. doi:10.23736/S0022-4707.16.06588-9

Jump into fitness with our 200 series. Our exclusive line of JumpSport Fitness Trampolines brings jumpers to new heights of enjoyment and fitness. Unlike mass market rebounders, our mini-trampolines have a high quality smooth bounce coupled with an elegant stable frame that allows for more creative rebounder workouts.

Originally created for our professional clients, the silver 300 Series has upgraded materials and adjustable firmness settings. This adds more bounce-ability making the JumpSport Fitness Trampoline's 300 series a home user's favorite! If you are looking for durability and added variety to your workout, these gym quality trampolines offer the best value for your dollar. For personal trainers and gyms, adding the JumpSport Fitness Trampoline increases small group participation, brings boot camp versatility and range to aerobic exercise and they're stackable!

Workout like a PRO. Either at home or in the gym, the charcoal gold JumpSport Fitness Trampoline PRO line brings the bouncer and the trainer new heart pounding possibilities. Built with commercial grade materials, our PRO line offers larger sizes, and a variety of configurations (including our most popular folding model the 550f). These trampolines have thicker elastic cords and more of them increasing the durability and longevity of our now famous high quality smooth bounce.

Looking to work on your fitness at home? We researched over 20 of the best exercise trampolines, and settled on 7 of the most popular models to test side-by-side. Trampoline classes are a great way to combine cardio, dance, coordination, and a full-body workout in a studio, in the yard, or the comfort of your own home. Our experts assembled each of these fitness trampolines and hopped through many workouts to examine key characteristics like bounce performance, stability and safety, and carried them to classes to assess portability. Our aim was simple: to try out the top trampolines on the market to help you pick the perfect model for your exercise routine.

The Wamkos 40" Rebounder has a cushioned safety rim with a fun camouflage print and includes resistance bands to kick your workout up a notch. This trampoline feels great to bounce on and is easy to transport, too. Even if you are on the tall side, the 40-inch diameter should work out well, and the cushioned rim provides some peace of mind if you decide to jump shoeless. Despite the small squeak we experienced when using this model, it remained our favorite spring-style trampoline.

The SereneLife Portable 40" trampoline is also a versatile product. It performs well for fitness classes, and it appears safe and fun for children. The support handle is slightly wobbly, but it is adjustable to different heights and is very comfortable. If you are a smaller person wanting a storable and transportable product to help you enter into the trampoline world without too much of an investment, this product is a good choice for you.

A downside is that this product is not super portable. Assembly requires stringing on 30+ different bungee elastics and popping together six base pieces. This model doesn't fold up, nor are the legs removable. To be useful, owners must have enough free space for the Leikefitness Professional 50-Inch trampoline to remain assembled in its entirety. That being said, we found the product to be durable, safe, comfortable, and fun to use.

The BCAN 40" Foldable Mini trampoline rides the line between providing a professional fitness workout and a leisurely bouncing activity for adults or children. If you're a young, amateur, or hesitant user, the supportive foam handle allows for extra balance and safety.

The main negative of the BCAN 40" Foldable Mini is squeaking springs. The protective pad is durable, and the bounce is more comfortable than on the 38-inch BCAN trampoline. This product might spark the interest of an amateur or aspiring trampoliner. Although it is not as large or comfortable as professional competitors, this product is easily stored and great in areas with limited space.

The MaXimus PRO Folding Rebounder came with high expectations. Included with the basic trampoline are a support bar, two different sets of exercise bands with varying resistances, and two one-pound sand weights. It also comes with a DVD with ten intro professional trampoline fitness classes and a free online three-month trial for access to hundreds of more classes. The assembly is uncomplicated, and the design is portable in a custom carrying bag. The price of this product seems to be ideal for someone invested in trampoline fitness.

We are surprised at how unstable the MaXimus PRO Folding Rebounder is. Instead of a screw-in base like most designs, the feet of the trampoline pop into place, which makes both the base and the supportive handle wobbly. The springs are still half-exposed despite the rim covering and appear to be the perfect snag for long shoelaces. This product does come with a support handle, but the handle's height isn't adjustable. It also claims to provide professional-level bounce ability, but our team felt it fell significantly below other brands with regard to workout comfort and safety.

When you hear "mini-trampoline," the BCAN 38" Foldable Mini is exactly what you might picture. The blue rim is familiar, the springs are slightly squeaky, and the quality is average, but you can bounce on it. Assembly is simple and requires minimal instruction, taking about 8 minutes. With only a small number of pieces and a foldable design, you can easily pack up this trampoline for storage or transport for a variety of uses. This product is great for both indoor and outdoor use and is kid-friendly.

The BCAN 38" Foldable Mini trampoline is not well-suited for fitness classes. The diameter is quite small for this use, and the bounce is firm, causing you to feel more impact and less comfort than on other designs. Additionally, the springs on this product sometimes fell out during assembly and squeak during use. This product is better suited for the casual adult (or better yet, child) bouncer hoping for occasional fun and recreational use rather than for fitness.

We had jumpers of various sizes try this product, and the heavier testers hit the ground during large bounces. On the other hand, the lighter jumpers found this trampoline springy and very suitable for their needs. There is no maximum weight advertised for this product, but we'd only recommend the WV Wonder View 40" Mini to petite jumpers.

There are many qualities to consider when choosing a personal exercise trampoline. Our list includes bounce quality, product safety, assembly and disassembly, and storage. We weighed each product, recorded assembly time, tested stability, and compared bounce quality. We then rated each trampoline's bounce in terms of comfort and amplitude. Lastly, we categorized each trampoline for users by type of bounce: springs, elastic straps, and bungees.

Claire Skatch was our enthusiastic and fearless team lead for this exercise-heavy review. As a retired gymnast and current fitness enthusiast, she has taken hundreds of workout classes at studios around the country. In doing so, she has used fitness machinery of all kinds and done trampoline workouts of all levels and intensities. With a background in trampolines during her gymnastics career combined with her current fitness exploits, this is an area in which Claire shines. Claire helped us choose seven popular and unique products and sweated it out while evaluating each one.

To create this comprehensive product evaluation, we put each exercise trampoline through rigorous tests. We took time assembling, learning about, and working out on each. We also let a team of bouncers try the products and offer feedback. In the end, we evaluated the following metrics to help buyers make their choice: assembly, stability/safety, performance, and portability/storage.

Assembly was an unexpected challenge for some of these trampolines. Although most were simple and straightforward (a small investment of 10-15 minutes from opening the box to jumping), others were more complex. All but one of our exercise trampolines came folded in quarters, requiring the user to simply unfold and pop open the body and screw on 6-8 leg posts. Instructional booklets and some included tools made this easy work. When support handles were included, or if the user had to assemble the bounce mechanism, the assembly became more complicated. 041b061a72


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