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Where To Buy Joe Fresh Makeup

Shoppers Drug Mart locations will sell its remaining stock until the end of the year. Fans of the affordable line can continue to find the full collection of Joe Fresh makeup in person at Loblaws, Real Canadian Superstore, Atlantic Super Store, and Maxi & Cie. Otherwise, the products will still be available online at, or through the Joe Fresh website.

where to buy joe fresh makeup

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The Illuminating Primer is a light, reflecting primer that can be used all over your body (mix it into body lotion for extra glow!). Joe Fresh claims that these illuminating primers create a radiant canvas, hide imperfections and provide longer-lasting makeup.

Starting off with one of my most staple makeup products, eye liners. I tried out the Matte Liquid Eyeliner and the Precision Liquid Eyeliner.The Precision Liquid Eyeliner has one of the finest, most precise tips I have ever used. The applicator is longer than most and is semi-flexible. It is in the form of an ergonomic marker, which gives you all the control. Applying a very thin line is so, so easy, as well as creating a winged line. It dries matte and is smudge-proof but not water-proof. It retails for $8. *I would recommend storing your liner applicator side down to prevent it from drying out as well as it always being ready to use, since the product stays dispensed.*

They also have Blush Sticks, which are available in four shades; Peach Dream, Radiant Rosette, Buff and Rose. The blushes are quite pigmented, so you only need to dab the product on once and blend.Products in a stick form just make makeup application so much faster and easier. The blushes blend really well and some have micro-shimmer to them. Peach Dream and Rose can be used on so many different complexions. Each of these blush sticks retail for $10.

This primer creates a glowing canvas for you to apply your makeup to. Which is a first for me because none of my face primers have shimmer to them. This can also be added to your body lotion for a beautiful glow all around. It retails for $16, which is amazing because it is 4 times the size of any of my primers.

Rose Gutekunst, Associate Designer: My style is often stolen from the men's section. I pretty much live in the Joe Fresh men's sweaters. I like to wear what makes me comfortable and, this time of year, what makes me warm. I dress in a rather tom-boy-easy sense, but I love girly grooming, with makeup and nails always done.

Style advice: There is nothing wrong with a uniform. If there is a certain look that just works for you, don't be afraid to stick to it. But find ways to keep it fresh in a way that is unique to you.

Taking your hair care game up a notch just got easier, and more time effective!Sold individually, each sachet contains a sturdy sheet mask cap lined with conditioning ingredients like argan oil and aloe vera juice. Designed to a be worn in the shower, pop one on over a freshly shampooed mane and let the nourishing cream and steamy environment work their magic. Five minutes later and softer strands are yours.

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