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Download Grátis do PDF de Tormenta RPG - Só Aventuras 4: O Que Você Precisa Saber

Tormenta RPG - Só Aventuras 4 PDF Download: A Review

If you are a fan of fantasy role-playing games, you might have heard of Tormenta RPG, a Brazilian game that has been around for more than 20 years. Tormenta RPG is a rich and diverse game that offers a lot of options and possibilities for players and GMs alike. One of the products that you can get for Tormenta RPG is Só Aventuras 4, a book that contains four ready-to-play adventures for different levels and scenarios. In this article, we will review Só Aventuras 4 and tell you how to download it in PDF format. We will also give you some tips on how to use it effectively and enjoyably.

What is Tormenta RPG?

Tormenta RPG is a fantasy role-playing game created by Brazilian authors Marcelo Cassaro, Rogério Saladino, and J.M. Trevisan. It was first published in 1999 as a setting for the 3rd edition of Dungeons & Dragons, but later evolved into its own system with several editions and supplements. Tormenta RPG is one of the most popular and successful RPGs in Brazil, having won several awards and spawned novels, comics, video games, and other media.

tormenta rpg - só aventuras 4 pdf download

A brief introduction to the Brazilian fantasy role-playing game

Tormenta RPG is inspired by various sources of fantasy literature, mythology, history, and pop culture, such as J.R.R. Tolkien, Robert E. Howard, Michael Moorcock, H.P. Lovecraft, Greek and Norse myths, medieval Europe, anime, manga, and video games. It combines elements of high fantasy, sword and sorcery, horror, steampunk, sci-fi, and comedy in a unique and original way.

The main features and mechanics of Tormenta RPG

Tormenta RPG uses a d20 system that is similar to Dungeons & Dragons, but with some modifications and innovations. Some of the main features and mechanics of Tormenta RPG are:

  • The game has 20 classes that cover a wide range of archetypes and roles, such as warriors, mages, rogues, priests, bards, monks, paladins, rangers, druids, alchemists, summoners, psionics, inventors, gladiators, assassins, hunters, knights, nobles, pirates, and templars.

  • The game has 20 races that represent the different peoples and cultures of Arton, the world of Tormenta RPG. Some of them are humans, elves, dwarves, halflings, gnomes, orcs, goblins, minotaurs, centaurs, lizardfolk, catfolk, dragonborns, tieflings, aasimars, genasi, changelings, lefou, hengeyokai, sylvans, and undeads.

  • The game has a unique magic system that is based on mana points instead of spell slots. Mana points are a resource that can be used to cast spells of different levels and schools. Mana points regenerate over time or by resting, meditating, or using special items. Mana points can also be used to enhance spells or activate special abilities.

  • The game has a detailed and diverse skill system that allows characters to perform various actions and tasks, such as acrobatics, athletics, bluff, diplomacy, heal, intimidate, knowledge, perception, stealth, survival, and more. Skills can be improved by spending skill points or by training and practicing.

  • The game has a robust and flexible combat system that involves initiative, movement, actions, attacks, damage, defense, armor, weapons, critical hits, conditions, saving throws, and more. Combat can be tactical and strategic, or fast and simple, depending on the preferences of the players and the GM.

The setting and lore of Arton, the world of Tormenta RPG

Arton is the world where Tormenta RPG takes place. It is a vast and varied continent that is divided into several regions and nations, each with its own history, culture, politics, religion, and conflicts. Arton is also a world of magic and wonder, where gods, monsters, heroes, villains, legends, secrets, and mysteries abound.

One of the most distinctive features of Arton is the Tormenta itself, a mysterious and malevolent storm that covers a large part of the continent. The Tormenta is a source of evil and corruption that spawns horrific creatures called abominations. The Tormenta also affects the land and the people in various ways, such as mutating them, driving them mad, or granting them strange powers. The origin and nature of the Tormenta are unknown, but many believe that it is a punishment from the gods or a manifestation of an ancient evil.

Another important aspect of Arton is the pantheon of gods that rule over the world. There are 20 gods in total, each with their own domains, portfolios, alignments, symbols, followers, temples, priests, paladins, and miracles. The gods are divided into two groups: the Old Gods and the New Gods. The Old Gods are the original deities that created Arton and its inhabitants. They are generally benevolent and protective of their creations. The New Gods are deities that ascended to godhood by performing great deeds or gaining enough worshipers. They are usually more ambitious and aggressive than the Old Gods. The gods often interfere in the affairs of mortals, sometimes helping them, sometimes hindering them, sometimes fighting among themselves.

What is Só Aventuras 4?

Só Aventuras 4 is a book that contains four ready-to-play adventures for Tormenta RPG. It was published in 2011 by Jambô Editora, the official publisher of Tormenta RPG in Brazil. Só Aventuras 4 is part of a series of books that offer pre-made adventures for different levels and themes. Só Aventuras 4 is designed for characters of levels 10 to 15, and covers genres such as horror, mystery, action, and comedy.

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A collection of four ready-to-play adventures for Tormenta RPG

The four adventures included in Só Aventuras 4 are:

  • O Templo do Horror (The Temple of Horror): A classic dungeon crawl where the characters must explore an ancient temple infested with traps, puzzles, and undead. The temple hides a dark secret that could unleash a terrible curse upon the world.

  • A Maldição da Rainha Pirata (The Curse of the Pirate Queen): A swashbuckling adventure where the characters must sail across the seas in search of a legendary treasure hidden by a notorious pirate queen. Along the way, they will face storms, sea monsters, rival pirates, and a deadly curse that haunts the queen's legacy.

  • O Mistério da Mansão Sombria (The Mystery of the Dark Mansion): A Gothic horror adventure where the characters are invited to a mysterious mansion by a mysterious benefactor. There, they will discover that the mansion is haunted by ghosts, secrets, and murder. The characters must solve the mystery before they become the next victims.

  • A Festa dos Bobos (The Feast of Fools): A comedic adventure where the characters are hired to entertain a noble's party with their skills and talents. However, they soon realize that the party is not what it seems, and that they are part of a twisted game orchestrated by a mad jester.

The alternative sources of Só Aventuras 4 PDF are the websites or platforms that offer free or pirated downloads of RPG products, such as torrents, file-sharing, or online libraries. These are the unauthorized and illegal sources that violate the intellectual property rights and laws of the creators and owners of Tormenta RPG products, including Só Aventuras 4 PDF. You can find Só Aventuras 4 PDF from these sources for no cost, but you also expose yourself to several risks, such as:

  • Downloading a corrupted, incomplete, or outdated version of Só Aventuras 4 PDF that may not work properly or contain errors or missing content.

  • Downloading a virus, malware, spyware, or ransomware that may harm your device, data, or privacy.

  • Downloading a fake or fraudulent version of Só Aventuras 4 PDF that may contain inappropriate or offensive content or links.

  • Downloading a tracked or monitored version of Só Aventuras 4 PDF that may expose your identity, location, or activity to hackers, scammers, or authorities.

The legal and ethical issues of downloading Só Aventuras 4 PDF

Downloading Só Aventuras 4 PDF from alternative sources is not only risky, but also illegal and unethical. By doing so, you are committing a crime of piracy that may result in fines, lawsuits, or even jail time. You are also disrespecting and harming the people who work on Tormenta RPG products, such as authors, art


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